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A New Start

I’m about to leave Lifebroker after 12 years. Lifebroker to me has been a wonderful company and I hope that it continues to grow and disrupt the life insurance market. I have been lucky to be part of an innovative start-up that has given me a huge amount of inspiration. When I first came to Australia and settled in Melbourne I met Chris Eade (ex CEO of Lifebroker) and he offered me the position as a Financial Adviser. I spent a couple of years visiting potential clients in their homes and our small office in York Street, South Melbourne. Amy Eade (Peck at the time) was also part of the team and while Chris and I were trying to get traditional financial planning clients to work with us, she was busy getting more clients applying for life insurance via the first version of the Lifebroker website. In its embryonic stage Lifebroker was very much paper based so it is amazing to see where the company is now over a decade later. I have very much enjoyed being part of the foresight that Chris Eade had in pioneering the comparison of life insurance products on-line.

Lifebroker now has a new strong owner in TAL that has huge ambition in taking the consumer experience and the brand to a new level.

On the other hand, I am going to enjoy seeing what TAL and Lifebroker can do in the next decade and will watch from afar as this unfolds. For me though, the thing that sets Lifebroker apart, and probably the reason that I have been part of the exciting  journey over the last 12 years, is the people. I have seen many work friends enter the exit the company, big personalities have moved on, some are still there, and new ones will come in the future. It really is the people who have made it great.

See you Lifebroker – I am going to miss you.

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