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Are There Any Rules?

I have just moved to AIA and am so far loving it. Definitely a big challenge as am out of my comfort zone. The thing that has prompted this post is my AIA employment contract – in particular the section around social media.  and mentioning the brand AIA.

Now, when you work in financial services like I do, I always find that I am terrified to leave an opinion on topics that I feel passionate about. Of course it can be hard to be passionate about some of the things that happen globally within the financial services arena, however from time-to-time I come across the odd thing that really deserves a gut wrenching response…

If you know me – you will know that this is something that I find very hard to contain.

What Are The Rules?

Does anyone know what the rules are out there? Does anyone care?  I care beccause I could lose my job if I say something controversial that is a) advice, and b) is in anyway negative about the company that I am employed by.

I have worked in Financial Services for nearly 2 decades and this topic is becoming more and more important.  When I started my caeer there was not such thing as socail media so there was not really a platform to offer your opinion – let alone get in trouble for it.

Does this mean that I can smash the competition?

I suppose it does however that would not be the best move as it is not only very unprofessional, but you never know what personal brand damage that could do in such as small industry on Australia – let’s not forget that everyone knows everyone (just look at LinkedIn).

So please, Financial Services professionals – let’s try and get some constructive opinion on what is permitted. I am really looking forward to seeing your comments on this one – escecially the compliance people out there.

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