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Aisle #6 for life insurance

I was going over some old content that I published in my previous role at Lifebroker the other day and noticed this little gem from 2013 about buying life
insurance from your local supermarket as part of your normal weekly shop.

I remember posting this comment in a group on LinkedIn and then getting smashed.

In this particular blog post I commented on how supermarkets participating in the promotion of life insurance can only be a good thing due to it raising awareness for the average Australian.

But has it been successful?

I’m not all over the success of the commercial terms, however what I do know is that it has certainly raised awareness for the average consumer.

What the supermarkets have done superbly is that they have leveraged their uber brands. Brands that are known to family in the household across the nation. These retail brands are iconic, they are brands that are part of the family, but most importantly they are trusted.

Having been in the industry for nearly 2 decades the biggest deal-breaker; whether it be face-to-face advice, the brand of the life carrier on the PDS you are selling, the website you are visiting or the above the line/below the line advertising you’re viewing, the biggest thing is good old fashioned trust.

Trust of the brand is everything in the insurance industry and nowhere more so than the life insurance industry.

Brand has become so important in the digital world that to get some sort of page 1 ranking you will need to have brand presence. As part of Google’s latest Panda Patent they now measure brand links as part of their forever changing algorithm. Simon Penson @simonpenson talks about this with great authority on where he talks about brand mentions, not just as traditional backlinks but also in the intended form have a positive impact on SERPS. Simon stated that brand building is the future of SEO.

What’s all this got to do with supermarkets?

The supermarkets in Australia are trusted by the masses. The work around trust and the growth of the brand has been done over the years…all the retailer has to do is build the online journey.

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